3173 FM  2869      Hawkins,   Texas  75765     PH: 903-593-8965   Facilitator: 903-245-5110

PTSD Group for Veterans & Families
HOSTED BY: Holly Lake Church of Christ
Take it minute by minute or even day by day.  Each day is a new day you overcame yesterday and is a blessing for 
better days to come”.
It ‘s a National tragedy that 1 in 5 of all military veterans
Now suffer from PTSD and over 300,000 are
“Homeless”! Many are from the Viet Nam era.
DISCLAIMER:  It is not the intention for Holly Lake
Church  of Christ to supplant VA Admin. Programs, but rather
to be an adjunct for rural east Texas.  If you or someone you
know has thoughts of harming themself or their family,
Immediately call the Veterans HOTLINE 1-800-252-8387

If you want to contribute funds, property, food, cloth-

ing or other items, contact Mike Beck at the Green Zone at 903-593-8965.  Donations will be in care of the GREEN ZONE

**The Holly Lake Church of Christ also offers bible study lessons that can be completed in your home and
then be either sent  or brought to the church for grading.  These bible study lessons are geared for veterans.

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